Just What Are The Eternal’s Laws Concerning Animal Sacrifice (Slaughter) To Provide Food For Man?


The Eternal commanded the children of Israel to bring their “clean” domestic animals, (cattle, sheep, goats, and fowl) to the place where He would place His name.[1] They were to bring them to His Priests, the Levites there, if they were to be slaughtered (sacrificed).[2]

The Levites were to inspect them for lameness, blindness, broken bones, bruises, maimed, crushed, cut, scabbed, or having a wen; and if they had any of these blemishes, they were rejected.[3] They were to kill those accepted without blemish (killing to be described later), and inspect the lungs and the carcass, and dress them. They were to take the blood and pour it on the altar provided for it. The fat (which stores toxic poisons, such as poison vegetation and chemicals not eliminated by the body)[4], the head, the lower legs, and the innards (intestines, kidneys, spleen, etc.) were to be burned on the altar.[5] Those things not fit for human consumption were to be completely burned. When an animal was found to be diseased after slaughter, it was taken outside the camp or city and was also completely burned. The skin and all its flesh, its head, legs, innards, and dung, the whole animal was burned. The fat that covers the innards, and all the fat that is on the innards, the two kidneys, and all the fat on them, which is by the flanks, and the caul above the liver was to be burned on the altar, as those of the animals that were passed for food.[6] The Levites reward for their service was a portion of the carcass and the skin.[7]

The Eternal instituted this system of meat hygiene for the well being of His people so that they could live a happy and healthful life. And He gave the responsibility of enforcement of this system to the House of Aaron, until the time of the reformation of this earth.[8] The others of the tribe of Levi were to serve Aaron, with his sons to follow.[9]

Two other main prohibitions that The Eternal gave to Israel were… the flesh with the life therein, the blood, don’t eat,[10] the second was, don’t eat the fat of the animal.[11]  His Priests and the people of Israel obeyed these prohibitions.

As we have seen, the method of slaughter (sacrifice) supervised and endorsed by the U.S. Agriculture Department of Meat Inspection allows the tissues of the flesh to be bathed in blood. This does not produce animal flesh without the blood as The Eternal commanded.

The Eternal said that there would be His Priests on this earth to do animal sacrifice continually.[12] In the way He commanded,[13] in a Godly way, not a humane way. The Eternal does not lie. There is a system of meat hygiene on this earth today sacrificing “clean” animals as the Eternal commanded. Selecting, slaughtering, inspecting as The Eternal commanded them to, produces for those people wanting to obey The Eternal in not eating the blood or the fat, that kind of animal flesh fit for human consumption.[14]

The Apostle Paul was inspired by The Eternal to write in the third chapter of his Epistle to the Romans, beginning in the first verse, “What advantage then hath the Jew? Or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way: chiefly because that unto them were committed the oracles of The Eternal (the laws of The Eternal).[15]

When I asked two Jewish Rabbi’s in Indianapolis, Indiana, one a Shohet,[16] “Why do Jews obey these laws of the Eternal?” The Rabbi, the Shohet replied, “The Jews ritually slaughter animals the way they do, because in the Torah, God says they should. Not because of a dietary law.” The other Rabbi stated, “Its in the Jewish peoples blood to keep the laws.[17]

Those laws pertaining to the animal slaughter (sacrifice) incorporate a method of killing the animal, known as Shehitah. This method used by the Jewish people through out the world, has been handed down from generation to generation, just as the Eternal said they would. “Neither shall the Priest the Levites want a man before me to offer burnt offerings and to kindle meal offerings, and to do sacrifice continually.”[18]

The prophet Ezekiel prophesied that system of animal slaughter to continue into the reign of the Messiah on this earth.[19] And the Apostle Paul was inspired by the Eternal to write: “this system of sacrifice would continue on this earth until the reformation on this earth.[20]

There have been times in history when this system of slaughter (sacrifice) has been momentarily halted in lands conquered and ruled by systems of government contrary to that of The Eternals. As prophesied by Daniel[21], this will occur again in the future.

In 586B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon halted these laws of The Eternal from being administered by The Eternals Priests; when he had Jerusalem burned and sacked.[22] Again in 168 B.C. the then ruling power of the Babylonian system, as a policy to enforce Hellenistic practices on the Jews, robbed the Temple of The Eternal in Jerusalem of its main furnishings and made the High Priest sacrifice swine upon its altar.[23] In 70 A.D. Titus and his Roman Legions stopped this system of the Eternals’ from operating in Jerusalem, when his army burned and sacked the city.[24] Again, in recent times, the descendants of this Roman system enforced their Hellenistic practices on the Jews by stopping The Eternals sacrifices (Shehitah), in the lands in which they exercised their authority. In Germany, in 1933 when Adolph Hitler was placed in power, at a cabinet meeting on April 4, 1933, Shehitah (The Eternals’ sacrifices) was abolished to be effective May 1, 1933. On October 20, 1939 official orders stopped Shehitah by the Jews in Mussolini’s Italy. Finally, on October 12, 1939 during the reign of Hitler, a decree of the Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor was passed that forbade the practice of Shehitah in any territory under German rule, and imprisoned those that ignored this rule in concentration camps.[25]

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